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Exciting Developments from HCL: Oetiker PexGrip and JCS Tamtorque Clamps

We're delighted to share the latest additions to our product lineup – the Oetiker PexGrip and JCS Tamtorque Clamps. These innovative solutions bring cutting-edge technology and heightened security to your projects.

Oetiker PexGrip: Redefining PEX Connection Technology

Crafted by Oetiker, the PexGrip marks a significant leap in PEX connection technology. Designed with advanced engineering elements, this game-changing product ensures secure and reliable connections in plumbing and heating applications. What sets it apart is the unique gripping ring, featuring multiple points of contact that enhance the strength and stability of PEX tubing connections. Easy to install and equipped with a leak-resistant design, the Oetiker PexGrip sets a new standard for efficiency and durability in the PEX plumbing industry. Explore the future of PEX connections at HCL.

JCS Tamtorque Tamper-Resistant Sign Fixing Clamps














Proudly introduced by HCL, the JCS Tamtorque Clamps redefine security for sign installations. With a unique Torx tamper-resistant drive, these clamps provide a robust and tamper-resistant fixing solution. Precision-engineered with high-quality materials, they guarantee reliability and durability across various applications. Now accessible globally, explore the advanced features of JCS Tamtorque Tamper-resistant Sign Fixing Clamps on our website. Elevate the security of your signage installations with HCL's latest addition to our product lineup. Purchase online and experience the superior quality and reliability of JCS Tamtorque clamps with HCL.

Jubilee Original – Your solid choice for enduring strength

The first-ever worm gear clamp made in the UK, adhering to BSI & SAE Standards. Crafted for lasting performance, these clamps guarantee secure solutions across applications. With a timeless design that withstands the years, Jubilee Original ensures unwavering strength. Count on HCL for top-tier clamping solutions, consistently delivering the strength and durability your project demands.

We're committed to providing top-notch clamping solutions, ensuring your projects benefit from the strength and reliability of Jubilee Original. Timeless design meets consistent performance.