Choosing the Right Diameter of Clamp - HCL Clamping USA

All our hose clamps come in a wide range of diameters, so it is important to choose the correct size. And even when you choose one, you will see that it offers a range.

Here's how you ensure that you choose the right diameter hose clamp.

Firstly: measure the outside diameter of the hose after it has been slotted onto the end of the pipe. The fitting will almost certainly expand at this point, and it will be wider than before it was put on the pipe.

Secondly, once the outside diameter has been measured, check the dynamic range of the hose clamp to ensure that it can be tightened to the correct size. All our clamps give a smallest and largest diameter they fit to, and ideally you should choose the clamp where your diameter is in the middle of this range. If you are choosing between two sizes, choose the smaller clamp as it will compress the hose once put in place.

If it is not possible to choose the middle of the range, or the hose clamp you are considering has a narrow dynamic range, we recommend ordering samples of the nearest sizes (you can order one of any clamp on our website) and then test it first before ordering the full quantity.